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AED Program Management

Simplified maintenance with easy-to-use software and real-time reminders.

Quality Control

Maintain compliance and oversight of multiple machines in different locations.

Detailed Reports

Generate convenient reports for confident presentation to auditors.

Easy to Manage

Transition tasks and documents to new AED managers with ease.

Reliable Service

Enjoy same-day support.

Maintain your AEDs easily.

AED Program Management software is suited for any business and organization that has 1 or 101 AEDs (automated external defibrillators), such as churches, schools, industrial and more. This software is designed to effectively manage and maintain federal and state compliance, ensuring you and your team are prepared to improve outcomes in a cardiac emergency.

What are the advantages?

Our exclusive AED Program Management frees you from manual, time-consuming AED maintenance, and ensures you stay compliant with your state regulations. This unique software enhances productivity and automates management with a proactive plan.

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Why our software?

Paper documents and standard calendar reminders can be unnecessarily time-consuming and may open your business or organization up to human errors. Using an online software like our AED Program Management offers a comprehensive, time-saving solution and safeguards you from potential liabilities caused by improper AED maintenance.

  • Easy-to-navigate online portal
  • Easy compliance & business support
  • FREE for one year with an AED purchase!

Your Complete AED
Program Management

Program Setup

  • Local & state AED registration
  • Annual physician prescription for every AED
  • Development of emergency action plan (EAP)

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Medical oversight & online tracking
  • AED inspection documents & reminders
  • Real-time alerts for failed inspections

Post-Event Support

  • Pads & batteries stocked, cleaned, & returned
  • Loaner AEDs during service periods
  • Physician review, reports, & consultation

Get the first year FREE with
the purchase of an AED.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AED Program Management cost?

Vitali’s AED Program Management is free for the first year when you purchase an AED from our store.

If you would like to purchase a license for an existing AED, you can view the current pricing on our store. The cost is small relative to the hassle of making sure you remain in compliance with state regulations and ensuring your business or organization’s AEDs are functioning properly before a cardiac emergency occurs.

How often will I get reminders about my AEDs?

As part of our AED management program, you’ll receive battery and electrode expiration notifications every 30, 60, and 90 days, as well as monthly inspection reminders via email.

What is an AED?

An AED stands for automated external defibrillator. This device is used to detect and shock an abnormal rhythm called Ventricular Fibrillation (or V-Fib) in the heart during cardiac arrest.

What is AED Program Management?

AED Program Management empowers you to effectively monitor and meet all the regulations for AED owners in any of the U.S. states. These programs generally includ:

  • Physician’s prescription for each AED unit
  • Written emergency action plan that is submitted to the appropriate authorities (if required)
  • Email reminders of pads and batteries that are expiring
  • An online portal that lets you manage/record checks for single or multiple AEDS across locations
  • Post-event services such as refurbishing of a used unit, physician’s review and written report of the incident

With this software, you can expect to receive professional guidance and oversight from healthcare experts. A physician will review data generated by your AED unit during a cardiac emergency and analyze the insights to promote positive medical outcomes moving forward.

Who benefits from AED program management?

Anyone that owns an AED benefits because you no longer have to worry about staying compliant with your state’s regulations, and remembering to check if your AED is still operating.

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