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First Aid Certification

This certification class is perfect for those looking to meet job requirements and enhance workplace safety with engaging, OSHA-complaint training.

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Is this First Aid class right for me?

This First Aid class is best suited for non-healthcare individuals who are required to obtain First Aid certification, either by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), state bodies, or their employer. Individuals looking to improve workplace safety within their business or organization may also opt to take this class.

What can I expect to learn in this class?

While CPR classes cover how to help someone in cardiac arrest, our First Aid classes teach other critical components of emergency care, such as choking relief, stroke, heart attacks, broken bones, bleeding, etc. First Aid certification can make all the difference in improving medical outcomes and enhancing workplace safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CPR and First Aid the same?

Technically, CPR is a component of First Aid care. However, in terms of classes, they are generally separate due to how much information and practice is involved in effective CPR alone.

In terms of material, First Aid classes typically cover a wide range of ways you can assist a person who’s become ill or injured, while CPR classes focus on helping a person undergoing cardiac arrest specifically.

Can I get a First Aid certification only?

Yes. First Aid classes can be taken separate from CPR. However, Vitali does not offer standalone First Aid classes to the public. You would need to sign up for a full CPR and First Aid class. Visit our registration page for available First Aid classes.

How do I get a First Aid certification card?

After successfully completing a First Aid class, you’ll receive an eCard (via email). An instructor technically has up to 20 days to send your certification, but Vitali guarantees you’ll receive it within one business day.

Can I get my CPR and First Aid certification online?

Yes and no. Any class that’s completely online is typically not accepted by employers as OSHA and state requirements mandate hands-on training. However, training can be more flexible if you opt to take an online blended-learning class (part online, part onsite). After completing the online portion, you would need to demonstrate your skills in front of an instructor to get your CPR and First Aid certification. View our blended-learning class options here.

How do I replace my CPR and/or First Aid card?

Typically, if you initially received an eCard (via email), you’ll be able to log into your AHA portal to retrieve it. You can refer to this article on what to do if you lost your CPR certification card to learn more.

How often do I have to renew my CPR and/or First Aid certification?

You should plan to renew your certification every two years. Certification is good through the end of the month the card was initially issued. However, some employers require more up-to-date training, so you have the option to renew prior to the end of this period.

Is there a First Aid certification test?

No. Students are no longer required to take a test in order to obtain a First Aid certification card. This is a change that happened when the 2010 CPR guidelines were released.

How will I receive my certification card?

You can expect your certification to be emailed to you within one business day of successfully completing the class. You can either save or print the card from there.

What is First Aid training?

First Aid is the care given to someone who has suffered sudden illness or injury. The goal of First Aid is to help improve medical outcomes, either by addressing the injury with proper training or getting the person to a higher level of care. If someone is First Aid-certified, it means they have been trained to provide basic care in emergency situations within the past two years.

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