Instructor Advantage

BLS Class for Instructors

Our AHA-authorized Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor class offers the knowledge and resources you need to complete your training and provide effective, lifesaving instruction.

  • AHA Authorized Training
  • Personalized, Hands-On Class
  • Taught by Industry Experts

What can I expect from this class?

Whether you’re planning to go into business for yourself or teach for an organization, you’ll learn how to administer vital first aid treatment in a medical emergency. During our skills sessions, you’ll receive hands-on instruction and experience real-world scenarios to ensure you feel confident in your ability to instruct others on using an AED and administering CPR. This class offers a mix of in-person and online learning to help accommodate your busy schedule.

What are the instructor advantages?

If being your own boss and championing good health appeals to you, this class is for you! Becoming an AHA-authorized BLS instructor offers many advantages, including flexible work environments, financial growth, and a rewarding career in an established, essential industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BLS include First Aid?

No. Those who take a BLS class typically already have a medical background that includes First Aid knowledge. If you need a First Aid certification, you’ll need to take that class as well. You can sign up for one here!

How do I replace my BLS card?

Typically, if you initially received an eCard (via email), you’ll be able to log into your AHA portal to retrieve it. You can refer to this article on what to do if you lost your CPR certification card to learn more.

How long is a CPR certification valid for?

Students are issued a two-year CPR certification upon successful completion of class. Certifications expire two years later at the end of the month issued.

How much does BLS certification cost?

Training Centers and instructors set their own prices for BLS classes. View our class registration page for pricing.

What is BLS?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the CPR class level required for healthcare providers, first-responders, public safety professionals, students in medical programs, and other non-medical personnel working in a healthcare setting.

If you have a state medical license of any kind, you’ll need a BLS certification, regardless of whether or not your job requires it. If you do not have a medical license, but work for a non-healthcare company or organization that requires a CPR certification, check out our CPR/AED class.

What’s the difference between BLS and CPR?

BLS is the highest level of CPR certification you can get and is necessary for healthcare providers. Classes referred to as simply “CPR” are generally for non-healthcare professionals who still require certification.

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Additonal Classes Offered

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Heartsaver® First Aid CPR/AED for Instructors

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