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Experience the advantage of competitive cost savings and a partner dedicated to helping you grow.

AHA-Authorized Training Partners

Aligning with the right AHA, HSI, or ARC training center is vital. Vitali’s Instructor Advantage supports healthcare educators by passing along time and cost savings.

Learning Center

Find informative resources for instructors and training businesses at any stage. Whether you’re just starting out or already rapidly growing, we’re here to help.

Become an Instructor

Receive the skills and education you need to effectively teach and train lay responders and medical providers in your community.

With competitively-priced cards and exclusive instructor discounts, Vitali guarantees up to 32% in cost savings.

Already an instructor?

Align with Vitali

Say goodbye to high-cost certification cards with no additional support. At Vitali, we care about the quality of training provided in our industry and want to see you succeed. When you align with us, you can expect…

  • Affordable eCards – fast and in bulk!*
  • Up to 10% off Vitali training supplies
  • Reliable support & same day responses

*eCards delivered within one business day or sent directly to students

Benefits for Your Business

Along with affordable eCards, instructors who align with us receive access to complimentary class management software, free resources through our website, and other valuable benefits…

  • Manage your own records (no need to submit to us)
  • Become an AHA Training Site (TS) or Training Faculty (TF)
  • Post classes on the AHA Instructor Network
  • Rapid response times from leadership.

    Vitali has been a fantastic training center for our AHA instructors. Their system makes ordering and distributing cards, instructor materials, and supplies efficient and affordable (this was a big deficiency of previous training centers). I strongly recommend using Vitali as your primary AHA training center!

    Katie Cooper

  • Reassuring, ethical training.

    I cannot describe how HAPPY I am to be an instructor with an organization ​that has values and follows all required guidelines. It gives me more confidence being out in the offices doing what I do knowing I belong to a legitimate training center!

    Profile Image of Author

    Michelle Hoffner

  • Fast and affordable cards!

    Since becoming an Instructor Advantage member all my questions have been answered quickly and professionally. I have referred several instructors to Vitali and they have all been very happy with the change. I hope to make this my home for years to come.

    John Birney

    On Site Services, LLC
  • Vitali outshines the competition.

    Vitali Medical Training outshines other Training Centers through responsive communication, prompt eCard issuance, robust customer service, and outstanding organization of resources. Vitali is the go to entity for all AHA instructors seeking a reliable Training Center.

    Adam Voydik

  • Excellent team!

    I’ve had a great experience using Vitali for my Training Center needs. They are very accommodating and helpful when it comes to any questions. I would recommend Vitali to anyone looking to transfer centers!

    Mitchell Mathes

  • A great training center indeed!

    The Vitali Partner Team and companies have been wonderful! I can not thank them enough for their kindness, patience and continued efforts to see that instructors and faculty, like myself, receive the support they need to be successful. They are responsive, attentive and are easy to talk to. Thank you Vitali!

    LuVessie Knox

  • Feels like working with friends.

    We love working with this company. It’s a business relationship but the trainers make it feel more like a friendship. The balance of professionalism with warmth and kindness is very much felt and appreciated.

    Pam Moore

  • Thank you, Vitali!

    Because of Vitali and the support of their team they have helped my business in revenue growth.

    Durell Parker

  • Vitali is readily available to help.

    Vitali Partners has played a crucial role in the success of our company. The team at Vitali is organized and is readily available to help instructors grow and set goals for the coming year. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to work with such an amazing company

    Ashley Carrero

Referral Program

Are you a CPR instructor looking for an easy boost for your business? By joining our exclusive referral program, you receive a link to use on your website and share with customers who want to purchase AEDs or training supplies. When they buy, you get a commission!

Learn More
  • Earn MORE with Commissions
  • Serve Your Customers with Ease
  • Drive Long-Term Business Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What territory does the Vitali Instructor Advantage network cover?

We currently accept and align with instructors in all 50 states across the nation. Instructors are authorized to teach in all 50 U.S. states. For those in US Territories or internationally outside the US, we can assist you with establishing an HSI Training Center.

What benefits can I expect as an instructor?

As an instructor, you can expect access to the continuing education, materials, and equipment needed to teach for yourself or another organization/business. In addition to managing your own instructor records, you’ll have the opportunity to earn commissions through our referral program and receive 10% off all Vitali training supply purchases.

What is the Vitali standard?

Vitali exists to set a new standard in training and education in our industry. We do this by providing easy, affordable access to everything a student, team/group, or instructor needs to succeed.

What we don’t do is leave you to figure things out on your own. With Vitali, you can expect same-day responses to emails and calls, streamlined processes, and expert knowledge both on program and business administration.

Why should I get my eCards from Vitali?

Vitali offers competitively-priced certification cards providing significant cost savings. We pride ourselves on setting a new standard in training and education by providing affordable access to eCards and highly responsive customer service—two things that aren’t always offered by others in our industry.

How far does the Vitali Instructor Advantage network reach?

We currently accept and align with instructors in all 50 states across the nation. Instructors are authorized to teach in all 50 U.S. states (subject to certain conditions).

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