7 Signs You May Have a Food Allergy

You may already know you have a food allergy, but allergies present in different ways in different people. Here are the top 7 signs and symptoms a person may have if they have a food allergy.

1. Soon after eating, you feel tired or begin yawning continually. We are not talking about sleepiness after a Thanksgiving meal. This is abnormal tiredness that occurs even after eating a small meal.

2. You develop gas, bloating, excessive belching, or diarrhea after eating. Again, we are talking more than the usual. These are common symptoms of people with gluten allergies because it irritates their digestive tract.

3.  Chronic Headaches or Migraines. Sometimes it is hard to isolate where your symptoms are coming from. If you think it might be related to your food, try keeping a food diary and track the food you eat and when you experience problems. You might start seeing a pattern.

4.  Chronic Constipation. If you are experiencing constipation even after eating foods in high fiber, chances are you may have a food allergy.

5.  Redness and swelling of the skin. Many people think of food allergies as someone’s face breaking out and swelling up. This is definitely a common occurrence, but it is not just your face that can show signs of a food allergy. You might see a more wide spread effect of the swelling and hives all over the body.

6.  You suffer from muscle or joint pain after eating. Just like some people’s skin break out with swelling and hives when having an allergic reaction, others experience similar issues internally. Food allergies may cause inflammation of your muscles and joints which cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

7. Difficulty breathing. If swelling and inflammation can happen on the skin, muscles, or joints, then it can definitely happen to your airway. Most people only experience a slight tightening of the airway which is enough to cause panic. However, in extreme cases, the entire airway can swell shut. If this happens, call 911!

To learn more about allergic reactions and other medical emergencies, sign up for one of our First Aid classes by registering on our calendar. The skills you learn may save a life.

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