How much do CPR classes cost?

People think that CPR classes cost a lot, but the cost of CPR certifications should not be your only deciding factor. CPR is a technique performed in an emergency when cardiac arrest occurs and the victim needs blood and oxygen circulated. The technique of CPR is very effective in saving the life of victim suffering from cardiac arrest if performed properly. To learn the proper method, it is best to seek highly experienced professionals who take the training seriously so you are best prepared in the event of an emergency.

Here at Vitali, we offer courses and ensure that those people who wish to secure their CPR certification are highly competent in the event of an emergency. So, the question you’re asking if you’re still reading this is, “How much do CPR classes cost”? My answer to you to help put things in perspective is, “Can you put a price on being able to save a loved one’s life”?

CPR classes cost is dependent on the type of certification

Honestly, a CPR classes cost depends on who you go to for training and what level of training you receive. If you go to an individual who teaches on the side vs. a company, you may find a significant difference from customer service, to quality of training, to other amenities.

There are two types of CPR certifications. Those for healthcare providers and those for lay rescuers. Healthcare providers go much more in depth with their training. These people include: Nurses, Paramedics, CNAs, Physicians.

Lay rescuers learn the basic techniques required for CPR and sometimes they may only need Adult only or Infant only CPR. Lay rescuers include: daycare workers, manufacturing agencies, security guards, etc.

All in all, for a quality class, you can expect to pay in most places $40-60 per person. Again that may vary and be much higher depending on what part of the country you live in and whether you go through the American Heart Association . The value of someone’s life makes the cost of CPR certification priceless.

At Vitali, we offer American Heart Association CPR for healthcare and lay rescuers. To learn more or enroll in one of our classes, please Contact Us or view our list of Upcoming Classes. Prime offers a wide range of classes including CPR, First Aid, ACLS and more! Experience the difference and learn from highly experienced medical providers. We make it easy every step of the way.

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