Who needs CPR training?

When it comes to the question of “Who needs CPR training”, the answer is simply…..everyone. Statistics say that about 70% of Americans have not received CPR training, are not currently certified, or are learned CPR but would not feel comfortable performing it if necessary. But still, there are some jobs and individuals who may be required to seek out the training.

So, who needs CPR training?


As a healthcare provider, a lifeguard is considered someone who needs CPR training. Obviously, because of the job description, it only makes sense. Lifeguards are also required to add oxygen administration to their emergency toolkit along with First Aid.

Healthcare workers:

Healthcare workers should have up-to-date and advanced training related to CPR and even ACLS or PALS.  Healthcare workers have patient contact and they work in contexts where first aid knowledge and CPR could be critical. Healthcare workers include: home caregivers, CNAs, Nurses, Paramedics, and Physicians to name a few.

Personal Trainers:

Nowadays there are many fitness centers and gyms opened and they attract a lot of people with higher risk of cardiac arrest. Therefore, personal trainers should be CPR trained in order to respond to the higher likelihood of an emergency situation.


Some or even all employees of organizations may be trained in CPR and AED in order to be helpful in case of emergency. Though there are no regulations for these employees, there are sometimes insurance benefits to having staff properly trained.

Childcare Providers:

Childcare providers universally must be properly CPR trained. There is not a single state in U.S. that does not require childcare providers to be CPR certified.

School Personnel (Teachers, Coaches, Bus drivers)

Requirements such as having at least one onsite AED for each school in a district along with CPR and AED training for almost all school personnel which include teachers, coaches and school bus drivers is an increasing regulation in almost all the states of U.S.


Dentists are required to have good knowledge and to maintain a CPR certification due to the fact that some dental procedures and drugs could cause a patient to experience a cardiac arrest.

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