How to: Find a CPR Skills Test

The BLS skills also known as the Basic Life Support skill session is an opportunity for learners to practice and perform the most important and necessary hands-on skills with one of our helpful instructors.

For those who seek BLS certification through American Heart Association then it’s important to know that the BLS skills course process is divided into three parts which are as follow:

  • Part 1: E-learning and simulation on any internet-connected computer
  • Part 2: In-person skills practice
  • Part 3: In-person skills testing

Before attending a BLS skills session, the participants should have completed the Part 1 of the the three-part process. The online course will take about 2-4 hours. Upon completion the participant will be required to print their Certificate of Completion and bring it along to present to their instructor.

Arriving for a BLS Skills Session

Upon arrival for a BLS skills session the participants will be greeted by one of the American Heart Association instructors and the participants will be asked to present their Part 1 Certificate of Completion. Instructors are focused on the participant’s understanding and success, participants should feel free to ask any questions related to the aspect of the course and take this opportunity to address any topics that may not be clear to them.

The instructor will work with the participants to make sure that they are comfortable in performing the following set of skills:

  • Pocket-mask ventilations
  • Chest compressions
  • Bag-mask ventilations
  • Using an AED defibrillator

The participants are given adult BLS scenarios so they can easily practice and learn these skills in sequence. After that the instructor will then test the participant’s skills by asking them to perform the scenario without any intervention or assistance from the instructor.

It is important to note that the 2015 HeartCode BLS skills session now takes approximately 70 minutes. There is a combination of videos, practice-while-watching, and skills testing. Skills can no longer be completed in 15 minutes like they use to. If your skills session was done in short amount of time after May 31st, you do not a legitimate BLS Provider which puts you at an increased risk of liability.

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