How to Replace Prestan Infant Manikin Lung Bags

Today we’re going to look at how to remove and replace the infant Prestan Manikin lung bag. Before getting started, you will need to check if the infant Prestan Manikin has been set up properly.

What is the Correct Position for Prestan Infant Manikin Lung Bags?

Before you start using a Prestan Manikin, make sure the Prestan lung bag is in the correct location. The infant Prestan Manikin needs to have its lung bag protruding on the outside of its face. Placing the mouth shield underneath the skin of the manikin’s face is incorrect; to correct it, you will need to remove the skin off the infant manikin’s face, remove the lung bag, replace the skin, and reapply the lung bag.

Having the lung bag protrude out will make it easier for students to give breath because it will be easier for the infants to ventilate properly. When the infant Prestan manikin lung bags are underneath the skin, air leakage may occur that could prevent the infant’s chest from rising.

Correct Steps for Replacing Infant Prestan Manikin Lung Bags

You will need to follow the steps in order to replace an infant Prestan Manikin lung bag or to fix the positioning of the lung bag.

  1. First, pop the two clips from the infant manikin’s shoulders, which should reflexively unlock. You can peel back the exposed skin. Open the chest of the infant manikin up and you’ll find the infant Prestan Manikin’s lung bag inside.
  2. Pull down on the bag from the chest side rather than from the mouth side. Pull the Prestan lung bag out of the infant manikin’s air passage and replace the lung bag with a new one.
  3. The new Prestan lung bag should have clear, dotted lines indicated that will show where to fold the lung bag. Fold horizontally multiple times along the dotted lines and insert the bottom short side of the lung bag into the infant manikin’s mouth. Be sure to tilt the infant Prestan Manikin’s head back to open up the airway so that the lung bag easily slides through to the opening on the other side; if you don’t tilt the head, the lung bag will be blocked from entering the opening.
  4. Pull the bag down and align the circle on the lung bag to the circle on the chest plate of the infant manikin. While you’re doing this, make sure the infant Prestan Manikin is laid down on a flat surface. Tuck the infant manikin’s lung bag underneath the exposed chest skin to fasten it.
  5. Now you’re set to reassemble the infant Prestan Manikin. Put the skin of the infant manikin’s face back on while inserting the lung bag through the mouth opening.
  6. Make sure that the lung bag is exposed on the outside of the infant Prestan Manikin’s face. Make sure you press down to secure the infant manikin’s face, and then clip the chest back on. Finally, spread the lung bag opening across the infant Prestan Manikin’s face and hook it to the tabs down to the ears. You can make sure the infant manikin’s airway is not obstructed by putting your finger through the mouth opening.

If you have any questions about your infant Prestan, feel free to post your questions in the comments section below!

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