How to: Replace Prestan Adult Manikin Lung Bags

In this post, we are going to discuss the proper steps for replacing Adult Prestan Manikin lung bags.

What is the Correct Position for Prestan Adult Manikin lung bags?

To start with, there are people who are yet to know the correct location for the mouth/face shield of the Prestan Manikin. Before you start using a Prestan Manikin, you would want to have the location right. Although some put the mouth shield underneath the Prestan Manikin, the correct position would be to place the mouth shield on top of the Prestan Manikin’s skin.

Correct Steps for Replacing Old Prestan Lung Bags

  1. The first step in replacing an adult Prestan manikin lung bag is taking off the manikin’s face. For most people, this step is easy and straightforward. If you do happen to place the face shield underneath the skin, you’ll have to remove the face to remove the skin first before proceeding to the correct steps to get to the Prestan lungs.
  2. Opening the manikin, which is the next step, can be a little bit challenging. To get it right, you need to remove the skin by unlocking the clips underneath the skin of each shoulder of the manikin. Lift the skin and press on the clips to unlock it.
  3. After you separate the chest skin, the Prestan lung bag will be exposed, and you will be able to replace it. Pull out the used Prestan lung bag by slightly lifting the manikin’s head and pulling from the bottom.
  4. A new Prestan lung bag will have clear dotted lines. Use the lines as guides to vertically fold the Prestan lung bag four times to form a thin strip. Now go ahead and tilt the manikin’s head back again as you insert the lung into the mouth and through the throat. The lung will not pass through the throat if you do not tilt the manikin’s head.
  5. Once the lung bag has passed through the throat, you will need to pull the lung bag down to the chest area and expand the folded bag*.
  6. The next step is to close the chest and put the skin of the face back on correctly. While doing so, feed the mouth portion of the Prestan lung bag through the mouth of the skin. Once the face is set into position, you will need to open up the lung bag’s mouth portion. Attach the ends of the lung bag to each both ear clips. Make sure that you securely fasten the ends from the mouth to the ears. Now the adult Prestan manikin will be ready for use with a new lung bag.

*Note that although the circle marked on the Prestan lung bag was marked to ideally align with the circle on the chest plate of the Prestan Manikin, the lung bag’s circle will not line up exactly. The Prestan lung bag will be better positioned if you place it a little under the chest plate’s circle. However, avoid pulling the lung bag too far down to ensure it aligns with the curvature of the manikin’s body by setting the lung bag in the divot. In doing so, it will make it easier for students to blow air into the Prestan manikin’s lungs.

How Often Should You Replace Prestan Lung Bags?

Prestan recommends that you change the lung bags at the end of each class day. During a class day, multiple classes and students can use the lung bags if they are using some sort of barrier device. However, by the end of the day, Prestan recommends that you replace the lung bags for proper sanitation.

Now you know the correct steps you need to replace Adult Prestan Manikin Lung Bags. Feel free to keep in touch or post your questions in the comment section below!

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