Review: CPR Wrap

We came across a new product while at the 2017 ECCU Conference, an event held to update resuscitation professionals – CPR instructors, practitioners, medical training program directors, and researchers – as well as SCA survivors and community in New Orleans. Today we’re doing a CPR Wrap review. This is a great product with a lot of potential. Because there’s nothing like it on the market, it’ll be interesting to see what target market will latch onto this product.

What is the CPR Wrap?

The CPR Wrap is a tool meant for bystanders witnessing a cardiac arrest. It comes in a small package with a zip-lock seal so that it can be stored or reused. When you pull out the CPR Wrap, it’s folded compactly and all that’s needed is to unfold it and lay it over the torso of the victim. It’s made of medical-grade PVC and it’s fairly thin. They make this product in three sizes for Adult, Child, and Infant.

As you unfold it, you’ll notice large numbers “1, 2, 3 and 4” with instructions next to each number describing each action for CPR. For example, the number “1” is found on the chest and tells you to push down 2 inches at a rate of 100-120 per minute. There’s also simple outlines of the chest and facial landmarks so you have a general idea of where to overlay the plastic on a person’s torso and face.

The CPR Wrap also comes with a built-in one-way valve that can be inserted into the mouth and allows the rescuer to give rescue breaths.

Who is the CPR Wrap for?

The company would say that the CPR Wrap is for everyone. However, I think realistically it’s meant for:

  1. individuals in a pre-hospital setting who
  2. do not perform CPR regularly, and
  3. do not have an AED available.

The reason I made those 3 qualifiers is that a hospital is equipped with tools and experts who don’t need the assistance of a tool like the CPR Wrap. Paramedics and Fire Departments are also excluded because of how often they perform these skills. And those that have an AED may not have a visual aid, but they do have an audible device that will tell them exactly how to perform CPR. I don’t personally see the need for both.

That still leaves a great majority of people and businesses without proper CPR training that could benefit from this product. It’s small and economical. Great for anyone wanting to increase workplace safety or an individual wanting to carry something on them in case of emergency.

How much does the CPR Wrap cost?

The CPR Wrap review would not be complete without talking about the cost. For an individual unit, the cost is $10. I find that very reasonable, and it makes it affordable to purchase several for the office or as gifts for friends and family.

They have tiered discounts. So, the more you buy, the cheaper it is. I think they were spot on with the price.

Conclusion of the CPR Wrap Review

There was a lot of excitement at the conference about this product. There’s no doubt a lot of potential, but because there’s nothing like it on the market, it’ll be interesting to see who the target market will become.

I’ve made a CPR Wrap review video below that you can watch to actually see how the product works. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. If you’ve never had CPR training before or it’s been awhile, I strongly encourage you to sign up for a class. Don’t wait until someone’s life is in your hands and you freeze up because of a lack of knowledge/practice.

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