Why Become a CPR Instructor?

Why become a CPR Instructor?

There are couple of reasons why it may be beneficial to have CPR Instructor training. Typically people have an idea of who they may want to train in doing CPR. If you do not, becoming a CPR instructor is not necessary. While some instructor courses in various industries are designed to give you a more thorough knowledge of the topic, this is not the scenario for CPR. CPR instructor classes simply teach how to educate others on the skills you should have previously mastered in a CPR class. (Having a current CPR certification is a prerequisite for any CPR Instructor course.)

#1. If you work for a corporate organization

Organizations that require several employees to be CPR certified may find it more cost-effective to have an employee who can perform the training in-house.

To find out if it’s cost effective for your organization to train an in house CPR instructor, watch this video:

#2. You want to teach in your community:

An individual looking for an opportunity to earn extra income may like the flexibility and independent work of being a CPR Instructor. Instructors can make on average $300 for a 4 hour class.

CPR Instructor Trainer teaching in community.

You can look for a CPR Instructor Course through our Training Center here, or visit the Class Eagle Health and Safety Instructor directory to see all courses across the country. 

If you are interested in starting a CPR training business check out this video:

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