How to: Give CPR to a Child

Child CPR certification is essential for any caregiver, parent, or grandparent. There are still a huge population of caregivers and guardians that have never taken any course related to Child and Infant CPR and will be helpless in a medical emergency.

Child CPR Certification | Some Basic steps

Here are some basic steps which are taught in a Child CPR certifications class.

  • Give 30 chest compressions, you can use one or two hands it’s up to you. For one-handed compressions, push down hard and fast on the center of chest using heel of the hand. For two-handed compressions, push down fast and hard on the center of the chest with the heel of one hand and on top of the other.
  • Push down at least 2 inches deep and give at least 100-120 compressions per minute. Also allow the chest to completely recoil after each compression.
  • Give two rescue breaths & make sure that the head is tilted back & chin is lifted. Pinch the nose and cover the mouth with yours in order to form a complete seal. Give 2 breaths inside the victim’s mouth for about a second each and look for chest rise. If the chest doesn’t rise, give another breath. If the chest still doesn’t rise, stop and continue another set of 30 compressions.
  • If the child Is conscious but choking then give continuous abdominal thrusts by placing a fist with thumb side against the midpoint of the child’s abdomen (above the navel), cover your fist with other hand & continue the abdominal thrusts till the object is out or the child can breathe.

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