When First Aid Should Be Used

A person could fall in harms way in a split second. There are guidelines and procedures that can be used for saving someone’s life. First Aid should only be performed until the paramedics arrive on the scene then they will take over. 


Whenever another person stops breathing try and get them to respond by talking with them or touching their shoulder. If there is no response then call 911 and start giving them CPR.

  • Lay them on the floor, on their back
  • Remove all clothing
  • Start compressing the chest by placing 2 hands over the middle of their chest

Determine what is causing the Bleeding

When someone is bleeding the flow of blood needs to be stopped immediately by applying a simple first aid skill known as direct pressure.

  • Small cuts tend to clot and stop bleeding rather quickly. Wash the area and gently place bandage on top.
  • Deep cuts tend to seep out dark blood at a steady pace. Using a clean or sterile cloth apply pressure gently. When bleeding stops clean and bandage wound.
  • Arterial bleeding which is bright red, could cause death. Place the hand over the wound and apply pressure until paramedics can arrive.


Do not tip the head back or lay down. Instead pinch the nose shut and lean forward about 10 minutes. Breathe through the mouth until bleeding stops.


When the windpipe becomes blocked, a person will start chocking. Before giving first aid see if the person is able to speak. If it appears they are having difficulty breathing then be prepared to use the Heimlich maneuver.  

  • Stand behind the choking person
  • Bend them forward after your arms are placed around their waist
  • Make a fist and lay it above their navel
  • Place your free hand over your fist and thrust hands into their stomach backwards and upwards
  • Repeat until obstruction is freed


When the brain and other parts of the body are not receiving the proper amount of blood, shock can be experienced and first aid is needed.

  • Place the person on their back and raise their feet in the air 6 inches
  • Keep the person warm
  • They cannot drink since there is a risk of possibly chocking
  • Place them on their side if they start bleeding or vomiting
  • Call 911

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