How much is CPR certification?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, or CPR, is a live saving skill course designed to equip the participants with the ability to save a life, and keep someone alive, until emergency first responders are able to arrive. The training itself costs money, but the skills you learn are priceless.

According to the National CPR Foundation, CPR costs can range anywhere from $12.95 to $100. The exact cost will depend largely on:

  • Location
  • Type of training (i.e. online vs. in-person)
  • Individual provider costs
  • Course type
  • Training duration

If you’re curious to learn more details about how much CPR training costs, keep on reading to find out more.

How Much Is CPR Certification?

‘How much is a CPR certification?’ is one of the most commonly asked questions here at Vitali. The cost of CPR certification depends on the CPR course you choose and the course delivery method.

The classes we offer and associated costs are explained below.

Types Of CPR Class

At Vitali, we offer two CPR courses that will satisfy the needs of lay-responders or healthcare workers. We offer:

  • CPR/AED classes for adult, children, and infants
  • BLS for healthcare professionals

Adult, Child, & Infant CPR/AED Classes- $98

CPR training for adults, children, and infants is offered in our basic CPR and AED courses. These classes will explain the subtleties between CPR for adults and infants, and prepare students to be able to perform live saving CPR, no matter the age. This course is designed for anyone that is not in the healthcare field.

BLS for Healthcare Providers- $98

This course is specifically designed to teach CPR and basic life support skills to healthcare professionals. This is the required American Heart Association course for those who are in medical school, a healthcare profession, and anyone who already possesses a medical license.

Can You Get CPR Certified Online?

The short answer is, yes. However, only some of these courses are taught legitimately. Anyone can email you a certification card but whether or not it legally meets your workplace and licensure requirements is not guaranteed.

As of the fall of 2021, the American Heart Association allows online training only when students take the online AHA course and complete a face-to-face skill session with an instructor. The student must have a CPR manikin with feedback monitors, a BVM, and an AED trainer to complete this training.

Be aware that anyone giving you a certification card without meeting these requirements by the AHA, may be committing fraud and putting increased liability on themselves and you. Any costs savings or times savings is not worth facing incompetency in the event of an emergency, putting lives at risk, facing a lawsuit, and losing your medical license. These are all serious matters. When it comes to life or death, please be sure to choose legitimate training classes.

The American Heart Association online CPR courses are blended with face to face skills training and testing. Essentially, students take training online, and then complete an in-person skills training and test in order to receive their certification. Every industry requiring CPR training regardless if it’s for lay-responders or healthcare providers requires hands on training during a CPR course. This is one reason why most workplaces requires employees to get an American Heart Association certification.

How To Find Places to Get CPR Certified

Nowadays, CPR certification courses are more accessible than ever before. However, not all CPR classes are treated equally. It’s important to make sure you are select an accredited and reliable organization to work with.

When it comes to accreditation, you want to make sure the training organization you select is accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA). Beyond that, it’s important to ensure that the courses you sign up for are also compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and your State’s CPR training parameters.

All of our training sites at Vitali are compliant with local laws, OSHA requirements, and are accredited with the AHA.

Vitali has locations in:

If you are looking for training outside these areas, you can find health and safety instructors near you on the Class Eagle Health & Safety Instructor Directory.

For any other questions or curiosities about CPR training, or to sign up for your class,  contact us and visit our webpage. We look forward to working with you.

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