Where to Get CPR Certified

If you’re looking for where to get CPR certified, you’re in the right place. We are an AHA CPR training center that offers a range of face-to-face CPR training courses in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Here’s everything you need to know about where to get CPR certified and how to choose the right training course.

There are many ways to get CPR certified, which is why you should study your options and weigh the pros and cons of each. Sure, these resources have one goal — to get you CPR certified — but keep in mind that the course curriculum, cost, and whether or not your certification is recognized by your state or workplace will vary. You can get CPR certified through:

1.    Vitali

Vitali offers public classes for anyone with several dates to pick from each week, perfect for individuals who have many responsibilities on their plates. Vitali also has on-site group training to accommodate groups of any size. The certification you’ll get from Vitali is guaranteed to be accepted anywhere — your employer, school, or any other organization!

Vitali only offers CPR training in North Carolina and Tennessee communities. If you live outside of these states you may need to look elsewhere for training.

2.    Through Your Employer

Many employers offer CPR training to their employees. Some industries are regulated and have requirements that people be CPR certified. For many of these workplaces, the employer will have an instructor in house or hire another company to come and teach at your workplace. People that take CPR through their workplace often report that it is a positive team building experience.

3. ClassEagle.com health and safety instructor directory.

Using Class Eagle’s online directory you can search for instructors in your community that offer the training you need. You can filter by the specific course as well as the brand to find the right training for you. The system will match you with instructors who will send you quotes and information about training.

Can You Get CPR Certified Online?

Getting CPR certification online seems convenient as you can take classes in the comfort of your own home, at any time. However, online only courses are almost never accepted by employers or satisfy licensure requirements. If you just want general knowledge on CPR, an online only course could be good for you, but with the vast amounts of information on youtube and sites like the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation- there really isn’t a reason to pay for this information. If you are needing a certification be aware that you will likely need to take a course with an in person skills session. Hands on skill sessions are required by all major CPR brands. (American Heart Association, the Red Cross, and Health Safety Institute.)

Why Get CPR Certified?

Having a CPR certification increases your confidence in emergency situations and makes you an asset to your community. With CPR training you are prepared to respond to cardiac emergencies and work with others in your response.

Most CPR certifications are valid for two years. Individuals who want to keep their CPR certification must undergo training and classes every other year. While it is required, it also important that people certified in CPR continually practice their skills.

Cost To Get CPR Certified

Now that you know where to get a CPR certification and why it’s important to get one, it’s time to talk about the costs involved.

Here at Vitali, we have different prices for different CPR classes. However, depending on your location and area the price may vary. Typically CPR/AED for lay-responders costs $50-$75. When combined with First Aid, CPR/AED training can cost around $100. BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers usually costs $75-$125.

Get CPR Certified Today!

If you’re interested in getting your CPR certification with us, contact us at 888-288-9049 or send us an email through [email protected] register. We are a paramedic-owned company and have been offering a wide variety of life-saving classes since 2013!

If you’re looking for training in one of the 50 US states, fill out the form at http://Classeagle.com to have instructors reach out to you.

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