CPR Training for Offices

Many people host CPR training classes in their office for various reasons. Some industries require employees to have CPR certification and the easiest way to get your entire staff up to date, is to do the training together. Some offices host CPR training as an educational team building opportunity. The training can be fun but is always worthwhile.

What types of office CPR Training Courses are offered?

Vitali is proud to offer an array of CPR training options that suit the individual needs of your office. We offer different formats of courses depending on the time that you have. We also offer different brands and types of CPR training.

The most common class we teach at offices is the American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS). This training is typically for healthcare providers or those working in the healthcare field. This course is the most advanced level of CPR training offered. Offices should plan 3 hours plus time for a written examination to complete the training.

For non medical offices that are required to acquire CPR certification we usually teach CPR/AED through the Health and Safety Institute. This curriculum fulfills OSHA requirements and is the most cost effective option. However, for offices needing American Heart Association (AHA) certification, we teach the AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED training. Offices should plan 3 hours for this training.

We also offer American Red Cross (ARC) BLS, CPR/AED, and First Aid training. However this training is the most expensive training option and not as commonly selected.

For offices that are not required to have training, we usually recommend HSI CPR/AED training. The CPR training is thorough and well equips students to take action when necessary. However, if your office is looking for training to fill a shorter amount of time, we recommend the AHA Friends and Family CPR course. This course teaches how to perform CPR with hands only. This is a very effective method of doing CPR and is what is most likely to be performed by any bystanders needing to perform CPR. This course takes 1 hour and is a great way for your office to learn a new skill without spending too much time away from your work.

Is First Aid included with CPR training?

First Aid is not included with CPR training. First Aid is an additional course that takes 2 hours to complete regardless if using the American Heart Association, Health Safety Institute, or Red Cross curriculum. HSI First Aid training is the most affordable option. AHA First Training is the most expensive but when combined with CPR, the cost does not increase significantly.

Can offices take CPR Training online?

In the day and age of technology, many offices are combining online training with in person skills training. There are a few benefits of this. First, the training is incredibly convenient in this format. Instead of blocking out several hours of your employees time, they can complete the online training from their desk or on their schedule. Then collectively, the employees can come together for just one hour to complete the required hands on skills portion of CPR training.

Second, moving part of the training to online reduces the amount of additional payroll hours used. Although the online training costs more than a full instructor led course, it may save your workplace additional workplace hours.

However, keep in mind that there is no recognized online-only CPR training. CPR is a physical skill and requires that students be hands on with equipment for a portion of the course. There are no short cuts allowed in this area and taking non compliant CPR certification is legally very risky.

How much does Office CPR Training cost?

If you are looking to book a class for your employees, Vitali offers group rates and charges no additional cost to come to offices in our areas of service. Generally, group training is cheaper than individually sending employees to get their certification and with the added savings of no cost for travel or travel time. You can view our current prices and request group training on our website.

How do we get our certifications after CPR training at our office?

Regardless of which brand you take your CPR training through, all brands now issue electronic certification cards. To receive these students will need to sign in on the class roster and include their email address. Each students email address must be unique and one email address can not be used for the whole office due to privacy laws. State laws state that the student who completes CPR training is the owner of the CPR certification regardless of who paid for the training.

After training your instructor will submit your class roster to the appropriate organization and certifications will be emailed in one business day. Students must open the email to claim their certification cards. The American Heart Association gives employers an online website where they can view and verify employees certifications. The Red Cross offers a similar feature as well. HSI courses have the added benefit of instructors being able to send certifications to individual students and the employer at the same time.

Regardless of what training you take, Prime knows that getting the certification cards is just as important as taking the certification course. We always work with our clients to make sure they get what they need in a timely fashion. We take great pride in being professional in this area and will see the job through from start to finish.

How many people can be in a group training?

The AHA, ARC, and HSI all regulate strict instructor:student ratios. Because of this we normally recommend the offices schedule time slots for employees to sign up and take training. It’s generally easier to schedule multiple classes with less than 20 students at a time than it is to schedule and find a space for a whole company to be trained at the same time. Additionally, there is no cost savings to having class sizes larger than 20 people as it increases the number of instructors needed. Our office is happy to work with you to strategize the most efficient solution for your office.

How long do certifications last? 

CPR certifications are usually valid for two years. Prime will be sure to contact your office about 3 months before your certifications expire to help get you scheduled for renewals when that time comes.

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