CPR Instructor Equipment List For Professional Trainer

Are you preparing to teach your first CPR class and not sure what to get so your classroom is as ready as you are? CPR Supply Source is here to help you get set! We’ll discuss what kind of equipment you need as a cpr instructor and what to expect to budget for these items.

What kind of CPR equipment do instructors use?

CPR instructors will need a basic set up of manikins (dummies), AED trainers, airway devices, and first aid supplies. These tools are required by training brands like the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross (ARC.) Using these supplies and equipment help ensure that each student is given the best opportunity to hone their CPR skills and prepare for events where these skills are needed.

Additional equipment that is not required but is helpful are things like floor kneeling cushions, wagons for transporting equipment, and audio visual equipment. These are items that you may tailor to your needs depending on if you are traveling with your equipment and who you are teaching most of your classes to.

CPR Instructor Equipment List


In order to teach lay-responder and healthcare responder CPR you will need to have both adult and infant manikins. Some instructors will opt to use child manikins as well, but many do not as it is not required and their size does not vary drastically from the adult sized manikins.

The most reputable CPR training brands do require that manikins have feedback devices that confirm the student is adequately performing chest compressions to the correct depth and at the correct rate of 100-120 compressions per minute. Additionally, your manikins will need to have heads with airways that show when breaths are being delivered.

For people starting out, there is an adult and infant combo pack, called the Prestan Take2 Kit. This kit retails for $870 and has two adult manikins, 2 infant manikins, and 2 AED Trainers.

AED Trainers

AED trainers can be purchased individually or in sets. Pricing for an individual AED trainer starts at $198. You can get a significant discount when purchased as a 4 pack. Your class should have a 1:2 or 1:3,  equipment to student ratio. View current AED trainer prices here.

It is not advised to use real AED’s for training. While they would be safe to handle, it is unnecessary to waste their batteries by having students handle them. Instead, trainers should be used. Trainers also simulate cardiac emergencies where a shock would be advised. Conversely, a real AED would not allow for this capability since they only shock when a shockable heart rhythm is detected. AED trainers give the instructor control over selecting scenarios for students to practice their CPR skills.

Airway Equipment

While compressions are considered the most important part of CPR, delivering oxygen via breaths is still very important. Following practicing compressions, students will learn how to deliver breaths. CPR instructors will need to have adult facemasks, infant facemasks, and one-way valves for each student. If an instructor is teaching healthcare providers, they will also need bag-mask devices.

These pieces of equipment are relatively inexpensive and you can find current prices here. You will need both adult and infant sized facemasks for training.

First Aid Supplies

While you can purchase single use kits, you can also create your own first aid kits that are reusable. You can do this based on what you find to be the most convenient. The single use kits are very convenient and can be a nice thing for your students to take home and practice with.

In your first aid supplies you will need to have gauze sponges, stretch gauze bandage rolls, and gloves to practice how to control bleeding. You will also need epi pen trainers and narcan trainers.

Additional Supplies

Instructors will need to be able to print exams and have pencils and pens for test taking. You may opt to purchase your own printer or print in bulk at an office store.

Depending on your teaching style, you may want to have tools like dry erase markers and wipes. Many students are visual learners and being able to write down some key info can be very helpful.

Your location may determine what kind of audio visual equipment you may need. After decades of teaching we have come to recommend using televisions. This is the simplest set up as tv’s have built in speakers and dvd players. They’re also easier to find space for as opposed to using a projector. If you do opt to use a projector keep in mind that you will need a computer, cables, projector screen, projector, and speakers for an adequate set up. You will also need to make sure that you are familiar enough with computers to work a dual display. Because this is a little more complicated, we opt for televisions to keep things simple.


There is a considerable amount of equipment needed to teach CPR. However, most of these items last for a very long time and once you have the set up- you will be able to teach many and many classes over the years. Checkout this helpful video about what should be in your set up as an instructor!

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