ASHI Bloodborne Pathogen Course & Certifications

Who Can Teach Bloodborne Pathogens?

If you are an active instructor for ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) you are more than likely already qualified to teach the ASHI Bloodbornes Pathogen certification course. To find out for sure, you can log into your OTIS portal.

The same is also true for American Heart Association (AHA) Instructors. The AHA has a Bloodborne Pathogens Certification that can be taught by any Heartsaver or BLS CPR Instructor. You can purchase the facilitator package for $35 here. Note that these guidelines are not updated as frequently as CPR guidelines. Therefore, the latest edition of material was put out in 2015. Student workbooks include the certification card and can be purchased for $8.15 each.

Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens Student Manual
Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens Student Manual

Bloodborne Pathogens training is a common add on course to CPR or First Aid training. Many organizations that need Bloodborne Pathogens certification may also seek Oxygen Administration Certification as well. It’s a very basic and common certification course for CPR instructors to also teach. The training is very basic and only covers about 20-30 minutes of material.

What is Taught in Bloodborne Pathogens?

This course is administered with a DVD. The instructor will simply play the DVD while students follow along with the course manuals. The curriculum will cover how bloodborne pathogens are contracted and protocols for when there is a possible exposure. At the end of class there is some time left for the employer & employees to discuss their specific protocols for bloodborne pathogen exposures. 

How Long is Bloodeborne Pathogens Training Good For?

Following course completion, students will receive certification cards. This certification is good for one year. Industries needing this training are generally going to be ones regulated by OSHA. The training is common in construction and manufacturing industries. This class is usually paired with a CPR or First Aid course. It is not common to see this course taught as a standalone class.

The training can be taught in an instructor-led or online format. If you are already teaching an in person CPR class, it makes sense to do the training at the same time. However, because CPR and First Aid are two year certifications, on the in-between years it can make sense to do online training for a facility. As a CPR Instructor, you can still provide this service to your clients without going their physically. You would purchase the online courses and keys to send to your client and have them pay you for the service.

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