Epi Pen Trainer and Practice

EpiPen trainers have become a staple in First Aid classes. Generally, EpiPen usage is covered in most all First Aid curriculums regardless if it is taught by the American Heart Association (AHA), Health & Safety Institute (HSI), or the American Red Cross (ARC).

Even if some curriculums do not require practice with an Epi Pen trainer, most instructors opt to add this to the course. Practice with an Epi Pen trainer is a really great way of engaging with your students. Students appreciate and enjoy hands on learning opportunities. When students get to practice these kind of skills it stores muscle memory in their body that helps them be quicker to respond in the event of an emergency.

Epi Pen Trainers V. Epi Pen’s

Epi Pen trainers almost look identical to actual Epi Pens. However, they are different in color. Additionally, real Epi Pen’s are stored in a plastic case to protect it. To use the trainer, the first thing you do is to pull off the blue tab. Tell your students to grasp the pen firmly in their hands. Instructors should make a point to tell students not to put their thumb over either end. This is crucial, because if the Epi Pen is held wrong, the need would then be inserted into the users thumb instead of into the victims leg. Not only would the user be in a world of pain, but the necessary medicine would not be administered to the victim. Instruct students to grip the Epi Pen trainer firmly by making a fist. 

How to Use an Epi Pen Trainer

Have students practice administering medicine to themselves and then to somebody else. When they press the trainer pen against their thigh they will hear a clicking noise and then proceed to hold the pen in place for three seconds. Next, they will remove the pen and rub the injection site for 10 seconds. Notice that after the pen is removed that the orange piece has come out further after injection. This simulates how a real Epi Pen works where the protective safety guard will come over the needle so you cannot hurt yourself.

While real Epi Pen’s are single use, Epi Pen trainers can be reset by squeezing the sides and pushing it in. The Epi Pen trainer is immediatley good to go for more practice.

Where to Buy Epi Pen Trainers

EpiPen trainers are a very inexpensive and popular product for first aid courses. If you don’t already have a handful of these, we highly recommend getting them for your future classes. They are often give to Epi Pen users alongside their prescribed Epi Pen because practicing is so important. They are also available for purchase on Vitali Training Supplies.

Watch this Video to see an Epi Pen Trainer Demonstration:

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