Buy & Sell Used CPR Equipment

CPR Equipment can be a big investment. If you are looking to save money on your purchase or possibly recoup your investment, you should consider buying and selling used CPR equipment. CPR Supply Source offers a platform for instructors to post their used equipment to a used CPR equipment ‘marketplace.’

Shopping for Used CPR Equipment

A great way to save when starting out as a CPR Instructor, is to purchase item used CPR Equipment. Generally, CPR equipment is very durable and stays in good condition. There are a lot of people who have even purchased equipment and never used it.

When shopping used CPR equipment, you will want to be sure to find equipment that meets the requirements set forth by the organizations you teach for. For example, the American Heart Association (AHA) requires that BLS classes be instructed with manikins that have feedback devices. You can read more about those requirements in this article: The Difference Between BLS and CPR Manikins.

Many hospitals or EMS agencies upgrade equipment regularly. You can find great deals on more expensive equipment, like Airway Heads that usually retail new around $1,300. 

Selling Used CPR Equipment

CPR Equipment holds its value fairly well. If you are upgrading your equipment, you should consider selling the equipment you are replacing. However, connecting with people in your area to purchase the equipment may prove to take more time than it is worth. Instead, listing your equipment on the CPR Supply Source Marketplace involves very little time.

You can simply list your equipment on the Marketplace and then wait for someone to purchase it. You won’t need to worry about communicating with people that want to haggle or ask a lot of questions.

How to Sell CPR Equipment in the Marketplace:

  1. Register a Vendor account with CPR Supply Source.
  2. Registration involves three forms to build out your Marketplace account. You can skip some information, but will need to complete the entire registration in order to be paid when your equipment sells.
  3. Add equipment for sale.
  4. Fill out the description as completely as possible.
  5. Upload as many pictures as you can. The more pictures of equipment you add, the more comfortable you will make someone feel about buying it.
  6. Set the sale price and build in the cost of shipping.
  7. You will be notified when your item is sold and given directions for shipping.
  8. Once your item is shipped and received by the customer, you will be paid.

How to Price Used Equipment

The price of used CPR Equipment is going to vary depending on what it is and how much it has been used. If the items are compatible with current training requirements and in like new condition 20-30% off retail is recommended. If the items have seen a lot of use but are still in good condition, generally 50-60% off retail is the right price.

Some items, such as very outdated manikins, may have little to no value. However, some people may be interested in these for purposes outside of CPR Training. Pricing these items at the cost of shipping plus some money for your time is ideal. It’s better to see items repurposed then in a landfill! You never know what creative use someone may have for older equipment.


Q. Is there a service fee?

  • Similar to platforms like eBay, there is a 15% service fee to the site.

Q. How do I get paid?

  • When items are sold, sellers will receive money via direct deposit.

Q. How long will it take my item to sell?

  • The amount of time to sell equipment varies and depends on demand and the pricing.

Q. What can I sell on the marketplace?

  • Any training equipment used in CPR and lifesaving education may be sold on the site.

Q. Can I sell new CPR Equipment?

  • You can sell new products, but we recommend discounting them to be more appealing.
Learn More: BLS CPR Manikin Requirements

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