AED Program Management

AED Program Management Explained

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program management. Maybe you’ve heard of it; maybe you haven’t. Maybe you are just curious about what it is! If you are in the market for an AED or you already have one, you need to know about program management.

You may know you can go online to Amazon and purchase an AED pretty easily. In this kind of transaction, you likely won’t see anything mentioned about program management. However, what most do not realize, is that every state in the country has regulations for people who own an AED. Similar to buying a car, the owner is responsible for making sure it’s in working order and has proper insurance and checks. 

AED Program Management provides valuable guidance to help you comply with federal and state laws. The software enables you to effectively maintain one to 100 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for your home, business or organization. AED Program Management service helps you ensure that all your AEDs are ready for use during cardiac emergencies so you can save lives.

State regulations for AED’s usually includes writing an emergency action plan and submitting that emergency action plan to your local health department or EMS agency. Additional state requirements include monthly checks similar to a fire extinguisher. Many state’s also require a physicians prescription for the AED. 

Each of these items are necessary and required. If you don’t have these items in place and are not keeping compliant with your state, it makes you liable for legal ramifications. AED program management helps relieve your liability and insure you are in compliance with all laws.

Benefits of AED Program Management

Beyond putting you in compliance, AED Program Management helps ensure that your AED is ready to be used at anytime. We commonly talk with AED owners who assume that their AED is functioning, but don’t realize that some of the parts have expired and rendered it ineffective. An AED without functioning pads or batteries is useless. There is no worse feeling than going to use your AED in a moment of need and finding out it’s not working.

AED Program Management uses software to make sure that you order replacement parts when needed. It also makes sure you order the right replacement parts as not all AED’s use the same parts. (This is another common error we see)

How Does AED Program Management Work?

Program Management may come in different forms:

  • Paper-based records such as manual notes and spreadsheets
  • Digital or paper calendar reminders that record significant dates in your maintenance schedule
  • Software programs that let you manage single or multiple AEDS in various locations

Paper documents and simple calendar reminders may be useful in a basic way. However, they are limited because they largely depend on human memory to stay updated. This can be a big issue when the person responsible for the AED changes as well.

A software subscription to AED Program Management is a superior comprehensive solution for AED owners. It makes it possible for you to maintain the proper functionality of your AEDs in an accurate, efficient way. It also effectively safeguards you from possible liabilities related to AED usage.

Professional guidance is a necessity for AED owners because it allows healthcare experts to oversee your program. It gives physicians the chance to review the data generated by your AED machine during a cardiac emergency and for everyone to achieve the common goal of doing everything we can to save a life.

These are some types of organizations that can take advantage of AED Program Management:

  • Companies
  • Small Businesses
  • Churches
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Social Clubs

How Much is AED Program Management?

Through AED Source, you can pay a flat monthly or annual fee. ($179 year.) For this, a team of people make sure that whatever your state’s requirements are, you are in compliance with them. Most of the time program management includes some post event services. Post event services are for when you use the AED.  We overnight you a box with a new AED in it so that you are never without one. This used AED will be refurbished and have a report  pulled off the data that’s stored on the AED. A physician’s report will be written so you can give the patients care team insight into the cardiac event. You will also be able to store the report for your record if necessary. 

AED program management is super helpful and takes the burden off of you and keeps you compliant and keeps everyone safe.

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