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We are seeking instructors for a part-time position. No training or experience required. Starting position is for a CPR and First Aid Instructor with opportunities to grow into other instructor roles such as ACLS and PALS.

You’ll teach classes in our office; and travel out to a variety of offices and environments that will require you to be flexible and adaptable.

The key to this position is to be outgoing and friendly with a wide range of people. The nature of that interaction requires a selfless sympathetic interest in others. The position requires placing the interest of others before self, and patience, stability, and consistency, with interaction with others over long periods.

The work is relatively unstructured, with freedom from rigid rules and boundaries. The emphasis is on informal, influential and warm communication with others in an environment relatively free from competitive pressures. Although the requirements of the position are relatively unstructured, they will suit a person who responds positively to the security of stability and familiarity. There is a strong need independent initiative and action.

JOB Characteristics

  • Highly predictable, work can be planned in advance and usually executed without distraction.
  • Even paced Relatively unhurried, allowing time to interact with others.
  • Extremely socially focused. Relationships based. Warmth, empathy and helpfulness.
  • The emphasis is on responding in a friendly caring manner.
  • Frequent contact with others in a supportive, service-oriented context


  • Emergency or Critical Care experience required.
  • A fascination and love for learning. If you’ve ever said, “Why do I need to know this, I’ll never use it?”, this is not the position for you.
Job Category: Instructor
Job Type: Contract Part Time
Job Location: Knoxville | TN

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